The FutebolCard system ® is a tool for ticket sales and stadium access management that uses an innovative and unique technology in the world to transform credit cards in tickets. Using this system fans can purchase tickets through the Internet on the website and gain direct access at the turnstiles of the stadiums with their credit cards.

In addition to greater convenience provided to the fans, as the absence of queues to purchase or pickup the tickets at the box office of the stadium, the system has a strong security, canceling the action of scalpers and counterfeit tickets, since the purchase is made through the accredited website.

How does FutebolCard works ?

Free registration in the portal
Choose your game and buy your tickets
Use your credit/debit card directly at the turnstiles, it's your ticket
When you arrive at the stadium you sit in your seat
Enjoy your game

Other advantages of the FutebolCard ®

To do ticket shopping in a fast and objective way at the website, with a restrict and customized area with login a password
Possibility of buying season tickets
The option of purchase tickets up to four companions
Newsletter with informations about the games of your team
Complete informations about rules of the games, views of the table games, with all details like date, local and schedule

More than make your life easier, the Futebolcard ® meets in all
His phases, the sport of football legislation and recent fan status.

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